Term and Condition

Return toys after 14 days use unless you have renewed online or contacted the library

Clean toys before returning - See cleaning hints sheet available at the library

Assist the librarian with duties 3-4 times per year

Participate in fundraising activities

Support the annual Stocktake

We suggest that when you get your toys home you check off all the pieces against the label so you are familiar with the toy.  Advise the library immediately if not all pieces are there.  Missing pieces will be charged a fine.  You can get this back if the piece is found and returned.

Toys will be issued with working batteries.  If it goes flat while you have the toy you must replace them.

If it is broken - DON'T fix it.  We have experts to do that.  There is a $5 fee for broken items and you may be asked to pay for half the replacement or repair cost at the committees discretion.